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From a small distribution board to large switchboards, we do it all !

We are a custom switchboard manufacturer and as such, we can make any switchboard from a small distribution board or empty enclosures to rather large main switchboards.
All switchboards are made to suit the requirements of the job. If a switchboard is in a tight spot, we can design a board to suit to the millimetre !

Unlike many of today's switchboard manufacturers, our factory mostly does it all.




Estimate all of our work in house.
C.A.D. draw all of our switchboards for approvals and as installed drawings.
Have a complete sheet metal section for full switchboard manufacturing.
Have a complete assembly section from wiring and busbar to fully fitting all of our boards and fully testing them before they leave.
Transport most of our switchboards ourselves.
All R & A Gardner Switchboards' employees are full time workers.

The only thing that we do not do at our St. Marys factory, is the painting of our switchboards. That, we give to our professional powder coater, Gartmore Industries at Moorebank.

Since we nearly do it all, we have a much greater control over our jobs than other switchboard manufacturers.
And at the end of the day, you are safer knowing that we have your job at our St. Marys Factory rather than spread over many unknown locations.

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